Scottish Parliament expected to back leader Nicola Sturgeon’s call for #indyref2

Scottish Parliament expected to back leader Nicola Sturgeon’s call for #indyref2



Published time: 28 Mar, 2017 14:55

The Scottish Parliament will shortly vote on whether to back First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s call for a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.

Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) are to vote on Tuesday at around 5:30pm after a two-day debate was suspended last week because of the terrorist attack unraveling outside London’s Parliament.

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PM May to meet Scotland’s Sturgeon amid independence referendum tensions

Sturgeon has called for a second independence vote to take place between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019, though she will need Westminster’s approval in order to actually implement her plans.

Holyrood is expected to back Sturgeon’s motion, which urges MSPs to authorize the Scottish National Party (SNP) government to seek a section 30 order from Westminster.

The order is needed for Scotland to hold a legally-binding referendum.

Sturgeon said during the debate that the terms of independence would be set out before a vote is held.

She also claimed Scotland will do everything possible to guarantee the UK gets out of the EU with a good deal.

She did, however, say that if Prime Minister Theresa May carries on meeting Scotland’s requests with opposition, she will take the next necessary steps once Parliament comes back from Easter recess.

Sturgeon ended her speech saying: “Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands.”
Despite opposition by Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, the motion is likely to pass thanks to the dominance of the SNP and the support of the pro-independence Scottish Greens party.

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Could Scotland defy Theresa May and hold its own unofficial independence vote?

But Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said independence is “first, last and everything” for the first minister, and has urged the government not to pretend that the will of the SNP and the Scottish Greens party for a second referendum reflects that of the Scottish people because “it does not.”

She therefore said Labour would not be backing another “divisive” referendum.

Conservative leader Ruth Davidson also hit out at the proposal for a second vote, saying most people had no desire for another “divisive” referendum.

Sturgeon has claimed a referendum is necessary so that Scotland can decide for its own destiny, namely to stay in the union or divorce and become independent.

May, however, has clearly stated she will not be allowing another vote to take place before the two-year process to bring the UK out of the bloc has come to conclusion.

Source: Word News