Polish TV host gets hand stabbed by nail as magic trick goes...

Polish TV host gets hand stabbed by nail as magic trick goes horribly wrong (VIDEO)


The magician assistant’s worst fear during a trick – getting sawn in half or stabbed by a dagger while holding an apple on your hand. A Polish morning TV host went through just that, as she was rushed to hospital after her hand was smashed into a sharp nail.


Marzena Rogalska, of Question for Breakfast talk show, became the unintended magician’s victim as a stunt went wrong on air Saturday. 

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It started out as a fun trick of slamming your hand on paper bags lined up on the table. However, one of the bags was hiding a sharp nail in it. 

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Things turned bloody pretty fast, as Rogalska’s hand was jammed into the nail. The magician, Marcin Poloniewicz, had apparently got confused amid the routine.

Poloniewicz, a semi-finalist in Poland’s Got Talent, first put the nail inside one of the bags, mixed them up and successfully slammed his hand on top of one of the empty bags, leaving everyone smiling. 

However, then he chose a bag for the TV host, took Rogalska’s hand, who already looked scared, and pushed it on top of the bag. Seconds later, the TV host was screaming as the nail was jammed into the middle of her hand. 

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Meanwhile, her co-host remained smiling as the magician looked confused, believing Rogalska was just playing along.

Realizing what just happened, Poloniewicz quickly pulled the nail out. A scared Rogalska was rushed to the hospital and bandaged up.

“Thank you for your support. I’m alive. Everything will be fine,” Rogalska said on Facebook after the incident.

The video was posted online over the weekend, gathering lots of angry comments.

“Yes, it had to be a magic trick, but I think the [Russian roulette] is not a magic trick at all,” wrote one user.

Source: Daily News