Obama blames Russia of hacking and media for undermining Clinton's victory

Obama blames Russia of hacking and media for undermining Clinton's victory



President Obama said Russia “in fact” had “hacked into the DNC,” adding that the White House was just trying to “let people know” what was going on, and the media interpreted the reasons.

His administration allowed the public “to make an assessment” by letting people know that “the Russians were responsible for hacking the DNC,” Obama said.

The intelligence community did its job “without political influence,” he added, saying that no questions had been raised in the first place “about the integrity of the elections.”

Citing alleged cyber security threats to the US, President Obama said he had “told Russia to stop [the attacks] and indicated there would be consequences.”

Relations with Moscow have deteriorated over the past years, Obama said, adding that an “enormous number of sanctions” have been applied by Washington for Russia to deal with.

Obama said that when meeting with Russia’s President Putin in China in September, he confronted him “directly” on the matter. The US leader told Moscow “to cut it up,” and apparently since then Washington “didn’t see further tampering of the election process.” But by then, the DNC leaks published by WikiLeaks had already occurred, Obama added, saying that the media “wrote about it every day.”

So there should be no surprise about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s “disadvantage” in the presidential campaign because of how the US media covered it, Obama told journalists. “This [the leaks] was an obsession,” he said.

Source: Word News