Munich mall shooting: Multiple casualties, gunmen still at large

Munich mall shooting: Multiple casualties, gunmen still at large


Published time: 22 Jul, 2016 17:15Edited time: 22 Jul, 2016 17:36

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Police say at least one person is dead, and 10 wounded, after a group of gunmen opened fire on shoppers in a busy mall in Munich, in southern Germany. The shooters remain at large.

  • 22 July 2016

    17:37 GMT

    Germany’s N-24 channel had interviewed eyewitnesses claiming that bullets were fired in Karlsplatz, one of the city’s main squares.

  • 17:30 GMT

    Police now say that there may have been multiple gunmen, while there are as yet unconfirmed Twitter reports claiming that there were several separate shooting attacks.

  • 17:26 GMT

    “The situation is still unclear,” Munich police has tweeted. Previous reports indicated that the shooter may have disappeared into the underground transit system, after leaving the Olympia mall.

  • 17:17 GMT

    Police have warned citizens to stay away from the area of the shooting.

  • 17:14 GMT

    Several underground train routes have been suspended in the wake of the shooting, the local transport authority has announced.

  • 17:13 GMT

    Muencher Abendzeitung, a local newspaper, says the death toll has reached 15, though police has not so far confirmed this number.

  • 17:11 GMT

    “Many shots were fired,” an employee of the Olympia shopping mall told Reuters, by phone.

Source: Daily News