Lesser of 2 evils? Many American voters support neither candidate

Lesser of 2 evils? Many American voters support neither candidate



While it seems the American people have had plenty of time to decide who they want to see as their country’s 45th president, looks like the choice many have made is “neither.”

After months of campaigning, it has turned out that it is very difficult to choose between a candidate who apparently lied about her emailing practices and handling classified information when holding a top state position, and a candidate who calls his own people “stupid” and considers himself “smart” for allegedly not paying federal taxes.

While the next leader will most certainly be one of the two candidates – the former secretary of state or the billionaire tycoon – the US people are now not choosing the president they want, but voting against the candidate they don’t.

Unfavorability ratings for both Republican and Democratic candidates exceed 55 percent, with young Americans having rated them less favorably than Lord Voldemort.

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We are given a so-called choice between a billionaire real estate mogul who is trying to appeal to social discontent and a multi-millionaire long-time politician who is actually trying to outfly Trump on a question of more military aggression, particularly against Russia,” former presidential candidate Jerry White told RT.

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There are third party candidates, like Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein. These two have been largely marginalized and not invited to the presidential debates.

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I think Gary Johnson and I are the well kept secrets with an inconvenient truth because these candidates [Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump] have been the most unpopular, the most disliked, the most untrusted from the very beginning,” Stein told RT. “I am really encouraging people not to throw their vote away on a failed two party system,” she added.

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