Warning! you are entering a fact free truth free zone

Warning! you are entering a fact free truth free zone


Question: Does this story stand up with facts and truth or have we entered the fact  free truth free zone?


Northland WOFs not the real deal
By Conor Whitten
Monday 20 Jun 2016 6:07 p.m.

“A Maori group claiming sovereignty of Northland is issuing its own licence plates, warrants of fitness and registrations, claiming they’re as legitimate as the real thing. But none of them are issued by the New Zealand Transport Authority.”  Ok People what does this mean? What exactly is a “Maori Group?” Who is this article referring to? What does it mean to be Sovereign? and as Sovereign does the New Zealand Transport Authority have any right or jurisdiction over Tangata Whenua, Maori Sovereign People?





“The group says the Crown has no authority in Northland, but police say the warrants are a fraud and the people selling them are putting lives at risk.” Under whose authority are these warrants deemed a fraud? Is it not the police over extending their authority outside their jurisdiction putting lives at risk?


“They come from a Maori incorporation, Nga Uri Whakatupu Ngati Hine, whose members believe they can issue the documents themselves.” The question is ‘what is a Maori Incorporation’? And how does it function?

“Basically a Maori incorporation is a state outside of Government,” says fake warrant holder Phil Saleh. “Maori are entitled to their own jurisdiction and their own laws.” 

The stickers bear the Maori for warrant of fitness, “whakamana waka”, and say they’re authorised under the “Native Waka Motor Vehicle Act 2005”.   motorcar certificate of registration is issued under the Joint Sovereign Partnership Authority Mandate acting together the “British Crown (UK) Kawanatanga” and “Tangata Whenua (NZ) Rangatiratanga” and in pursuance of Sections 2(3), 5, 253 & 284(4) of Te Ture Whenua Maori Land Act 1993 amended by Sec 268(3) Te Ture Whenua Maori Amendment Act 1994 and the Maori Incorporations Constitution Regulations 1995; namely Nga Tikanga Maori Law/Lore Society (Inc.) o Aotearoa and the Native Waka Districts Motor Vehicle Act 2005.

Mr Saleh got his for free, though most people pay, and he says there are many others like him.

“To my knowledge there’s at least 50 people in Northland. I would say across New Zealand [there] could be hundreds.”

The group claims every car issued with a warrant has been inspected, and the Crown has no sovereignty in Te Tai Tokerau. That doesn’t sit well with Te Tai Tokerau’s MP, Kelvin Davis.

“It’s just a scam and I get annoyed with people who set out to scam our people,” says Mr Davis. “It costs $250 for one of these fake warrants. If the police pick them up then it’s another $250 fine. So really they’re just hurting our own people and they’re making money at the expense of our people.” Perhaps it would be prudent for Te Tai Tokerau’s MP, Kelvin Davis to re-familiarise himself with the Te Ture Whenua Maori, Maori land Act 1993, where the Crown and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II acknowledged Maori Sovereignty and are bound to serve the Maori People until such time that the Maori have established a Government for themselves.

“Ricky Siosoua is a mechanic in Rawene who has come across four cars sporting fake warrants, some of which weren’t even close to roadworthy.” Wow! That’s a lot of cars for New Zealand “outlaws”! How will the NZTA possibly keep up with monitoring 4 cars?!

“As soon as he opened his door, his door fell off,” says Mr Siosoua. “I mean, that tells me a lot.” Hold up, what kind of doors are you referring to? fridge doors, saloon doors, bathroom doors, or was it a jeep door? where the doors are designed to come off Mr Siosoua? Hahaha.

“He’s not the only one with safety concerns.” yes what about all the falling doors?! This is bound to give ACC a huge unneccessary headache.


“Police say the warrants are illegal documents, which are putting road users at risk of harm.” Travellers are asked to be aware of illegal documents attacking road users in the Northland area! Do not make any attempt to engage with these documents; they are armed and dangerous!

 “They’re investigating fake warrants across the Far North and warning anyone who is caught selling them could be investigated for fraud and charged.”


 We welcome MP, Kelvin Davis and the Northland Police to partake in a Hui to review the Te Ture Whenua Maori, Maori Land Act and ask questions to eliminate presumptions and correct the record so that we may work together for the benefit of all during these times of transition of the Maori People.

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